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Daniel has been playing and coaching for a long period of time. He was many years ago a student from our academy, and now he is still a part of it as one of the coaches' team. More

Julian Fresno

Julian is regarded as one of the most important tennis base coaches in the Canary Islands. He has been passionately dedicated to tennis teaching since he started in Barcelona in the eighties. Right now he is the head coach and director of Club de Tenis Tafira. More

Marta Fresno

Marta was a succesful player in her junior years, competing and winning many regional and even national tournaments. Nowadays she works full time as a tennis coach in Tafira. More


Alejandro is the youngest and newest addition to our coaching group. He specializes in the very first steps of this sport. More

Victor Fresno

Victor is the director and head coach at Parque Romantico since 2014. Passionate about both tennis and teaching, he is always in an ongoing learning process to develop his coaching skills. He speaks english and spanish. More

Antonio Bermejo

Antonio has been working as a tennis coach for more than 3 decades and is a well known instructor here in the south of the island. He speaks spanish, english and german. More

Maria Esteban

Maria has been vinculated to tennis since an early age. Before finishing her teens she started working as a coach and almost 20 years later she is still on the run. Maria speaks spanish and english. More